100% Donation Policy

Why a 100% donation policy? Why 0% administration costs?

In the 21st century, the divide between rich and poor has grown spectacularly and is remarkably more pronounced. According to OXFAM, in 2014 1% of the World’s population owns nearly 50% of the World’s wealth. The question must be asked why and how this has come to be and more importantly, how to correct this terribly unequal distribution of wealth.

For, although true, that every individual has the right to accumulate wealth that is an indication of their skills, hard work and determination, the rich amongst us have had opportunities along the way that the poor have lacked. Opportunities that are growing plentifully for the rich yet for the poor becoming more scarce. These societies need comprehensive and self-sustaining aid projects in water, food, shelter and education, building individuals that would in turn build the processes that would offer more opportunities to the upcoming generations.

Yes, the wealthy have a right to be wealthy. But neither at the expense of the poor. The examples are many from clothing factories hiring child labourers in South East Asia to multinationals exploiting the resources of war-torn Africa. If we could not accept such conditions for our own citizens how can we continue to accept them for our brethren born in dire circumstances, no fault of their own.

This is why World Orphan Fund has adopted its 100% donation policy. It’s administration component is comprised wholly of volunteers all with their own full time jobs. It’s administration costs are donated by these volunteers and sometimes by donors who are fully aware of where their funds are going. No percentage is taken by your donation to cover any of World Orphan Fund’s administration costs or pay any of its administrative or executive members.

It’s why World Orphan Fund focuses on long-term self sustainable projects with a 100% donation policy. Because we don’t see it as a marketing ploy or an administrative policy. But as an idea, a way of life, to give as much back as possible and in the process change the World to a much, much better tomorrow.