An Orphan Named Mayam


Mayam Chuk is a beautiful, three year old orphan found by our Cambodian Team. An orphan who is suffering from Down Syndrome and Imperforate Anus, Mayam can find little support and facilities in Cambodia to cater to her needs and support her mental development.

Mayam was born with this heart-breaking condition, deeming her unable to relieve herself except with great discomfort to herself and those around her. This has caused much social awkwardness for little Mayam who despite her deformity has a heart of gold.

It is your small donation that goes the long way to change the lives of young orphans like Mayam, giving them a chance of a normal life that they would otherwise not be privileged to. It is why World Orphan Fund always tries to help disabled children in Cambodia when we find them. It is part of our commitment to the most disadvantaged of Cambodia. You can help by donating to our pool of funds that supports disabled children like Mayam and help share the privileges that we enjoy.