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World Orphan Fund is a 100% volunteer organisation based in Sydney, Australia. To uphold our 0% admin policy, no team members receive any salary or financial benefit for the humanitarian work that we do. From the very beginning all members of WOF have covered their own expenses during yearly travels to Cambodia. This includes the founder, president and executive team. The cornerstone success behind WOF as an NGO are the dedicated, professional volunteers who work generously with the objective of helping others.

In 2011 three relatives travelled to Cambodia and were heavily impacted by the extent of poverty and injustice faced by communities living in rural areas. They agreed to work together to help improve quality of life for the locals by providing food and aid to the families struggling the most. Upon their return home, they started fundraising and raised awareness amongst their family and friends about the misfortune they had witnessed in Cambodia. The support and interest from their local Australian community resulted in World Orphan Fund being founded. Over time, the founder and other volunteers return to Cambodia yearly to reach out to more communities facing poverty and damages of natural disasters.


The driving force at WOF is the duty in Islam to take care of your neighbours, be charitable, provide relief and reach out in times of calamity or illness.


Now in 2018 our team has grown to more than 50 individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills and strengths. As conscious humanitarians, we are united by our main goal of reaching out to neglected communities around the world, who do not have access to the resources and comfort that we are used to as Australians.  All our volunteers have maintained a strong hold on our principals and priorities of integrity, transparency, compassion and working to expertise standards.

Furthermore, we have established a local Cambodian volunteer team, to facilitate some of our projects, particularly our Emergency Flood Relief. In building relationships with numerous communities and leaders, WOF now has volunteer representatives across countries in South-East Asia, as well as Central Asia and North Africa, to facilitate our humanitarian work.


Requirements for Volunteers

To ensure our standards of care are maintained for the children and families we assist, all Australian volunteers are required to undergo a Working with Children Check and National Police Check. Whether we are working locally or internationally, there is a small possibility that our team may be exposed to personal or sensitive information. For this reason, we are committed to safeguarding vulnerable individuals with compulsory record checks for all volunteers.


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