Group Sponsor.Together We Will Make a Difference.

What can $5 get you? A sports drink? A loaf of bread? A cup of coffee?

For just $5 a month, World Orphan Fund is giving you the chance to help change the life of a child in an impoverished country.

By sponsoring an orphan as part of our Group Sponsorship program, you will be dramatically changing the future of a poor orphan to one filled with hope, happiness and accomplishment.

Sponsoring an orphan with us means being part of a world-class sponsorship program that will equip a child with the educational, medical, social and cultural support to become valuable members of their communities.

To begin your sponsorship please see the steps below:

Steps to Sponsor An Orphan

Read through our Orphan Sponsorship booklet to understand our orphan sponsorship program. You can find it here.
Fill out the Sponsorship Form below.
We will email you with sponsorship and payment information as well as the details about your sponsored child.