High I.Q Program


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela


In third world nations, the disadvantages of poverty are greatly enhanced for the most vulnerable in society; children.


In developing countries, the effects of poverty, malnutrition, poor health and unstimulating home environments can be detrimental to the development of children. These disadvantaged children are likely to do poorly in school and consequently have low incomes, high fertility, and provide poor care for their children, thus trailing the cycle of poverty they were born into.

In order to foster a healthy community and allow for opportunities that free people from the cycle of poverty; the nurturing and development of the next generation is imperative.


It is with great pride that World Orphan Fund was recently able to witness our orphans and sponsored students receiving academic achievement awards from the son of the Prime Minister, Hun Manet- who is also currently the lieutenant general of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces.


According to Humanium, more than 10 percent of Cambodian children do not go to school, this figure worsens for young girls, with only 20 percent of Cambodian girls going to secondary school.


Over the past three years World Orphan Fund has been operating a program which is directed with a great focus to empower women from poor rural areas in Cambodia, to instill in them the education, skills, hope, ambition and confidence to become leaders in their communities.


Orphaned girls or those from impoverished families who display a high level of intelligence are selected and enrolled in some of the finest selective and competitive schools in Cambodia. This provides them with a great opportunity to excel and reach their full potential. WOF removes the barriers of poverty that keeps them behind their wealthier counterparts, allowing the young girls to develop into productive members of their society.


To have one of our sponsored girls achieve first position in her grade, and another second place, is an incredible accomplishment not only for these girls and their communities but for the long-term, sustainable projects of World Orphan Fund. WOFs commitment to the development and progression of our children and their communities is proving itself through the fruit it now bears.


These girls have come from neighbourhoods which only six years ago had no stable electricity supply, offered only basic education and little hope or future prospects for its residents. For the women in the community their future outlook suffered more so, with some even having to suffer silently against domestic abuse; a general lack of awareness and education stagnating the community.


Seeing our girls blossoming into their full potential with endless opportunities now at their fingertips, shows that World Orphan Fund has reached a successful milestone in intelligent and sustainable aid solutions – with many more positive changes in the horizon.


When we raise children as intelligent and productive members of society, we raise a nation out of poverty.


Our High I.Q program is a high-cost project requiring expensive school fees. A monthly donation can go a long way in supporting this program and offering the opportunity to many more children. Please consider donating generously and help change the lives of not just these children but their entire communities.