If Not You Then Who?

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The elder gentleman pictured above is the lone surviving member of his family from the terrible atrocities of the Pol Pot regime. Frail and emotionally scarred, he managed to muster the courage to converse with the WOF President about his experiences. Our president and founder has a personal passion for helping people. Stressing the need to offer the less fortunate the same we expect for ourselves in the first world. It has meant spending countless months through some of the most remote regions in Cambodia. Traversing hundreds of kilometres, meeting thousands of people, building community links and understanding Cambodian culture – all crucial elements in any serious humanitarian aid operation.

With no paid staff, WOF is not as large as other NGOs with the benefit resulting in keeping high-level bureaucracy from hampering our operations. That ensures we can directly distribute your aid where its needed and with immediate effect.

Our long-term commitment is for the provision of aid on the principle of self sustainability. We remain on hand to maintain and monitor our projects to ensure maximum efficiency whilst protected from local corruption. We “Inspect what you Expect”, not just dump aid and walk away.

Stay in touch to learn more on our current activities and the ongoing focus on intelligent aid solutions. Join us for the most rewarding journey of your life.