July 7

Orphan Update Report: Asiyah Khadir

Meet Asiyah. Asiyah is a seven-year-old girl who loves to eat chicken, drink coconut juice and thoroughly enjoys riding her bike around the village. Unfortunately, at the tender age of five, Asiyah lost her father to a severe heart attack; leaving her to become an orphan,

March 10

New Partnership to Safeguard Orphans’ Dental Health

We welcome our new agreement with the CEO Ai Yamazaki to be treating and caring for our orphans. Smiling is sunah and it’s important these kids smile on the outside and inside and therefore we trust their smiles with best professionals Denriche Asia Dental Clinic

September 2

Qurban 2017

We would like to thank every supporter of World Orphan Fund. This year has been a major success with so many poor orphans and elderly receiving your pledged Qurban. Tremendous amount of care was taken through out the complete process from animal transportation to distribution of the Qurban.

July 8

Ramadan 2017 Food Pack Distribution

Ramadan has come to an end for 2017. Our team has returned with exciting updates and photos of our successful food drive that we would like to share with you! With your amazing support we were able to distribute more than 1.5 million meals to needy families in Cambodia,

June 30

Catch Up with Julia Finn MP

World orphan Fund is grateful for the recurring opportunities to be meeting with the local MP of many of our supporters in Australia as well as role model for our young female volunteers and youth, the honourable Julia Finn MP, to discuss projects and issues. Working together, whether it be with your team

May 30

Somalia Relief Cargo Ship Packed with Food Relief on Its Way

Somalia is currently experiencing catastrophic conditions with men, women and children suffering extreme scarcity of food and water. Our team at WOF reached out and partnered with Turkish Red Crescent in order to help ease famine in Somalia.