Mr K

WOF remarkably changes the lives of the underprivileged individuals that come their way. This man’s heartbreaking story, is one of the many, who is to be referred to as Mr. K out of respect to his identity.

Mr. K lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with his wife and two daughters. His marriage was short-lived however as a result of his increasing poverty, resulting in their separation, with his wife and family turning their back on him due to his lack of financial stability, spiralling him into becoming one of Phnom Penh’s homeless residents for 4 years. His two daughters remained with him but because of the seriousness of his poverty he was forced into giving his youngest daughter away to a rich family.

According to local NGO’s there are over 1000 professional beggars in Phnom Penh, however out of his honour and commitment to his daughter, Mr. K refused to succumb to begging and opted to work, collecting plastic bottles and making $2.50 a day in order to send his daughter to school. World Orphan Fund Inc. came across Mr. K and his daughter during the flood assistance for those stranded and they were amongst those who were in a desperate situation due to their lack of shelter. Inevitably the World Orphan crew started tending to the needs of Mr. K and his daughter, providing them a warm home to sleep in as well as medical assistance for them both. Furthermore, due to his unique personality and sincere character World Orphan Fund Inc. offered Mr. K work so that he could provide for his family in the long term and placed his daughter under their care where she is attending a local school to further her education.

We have recently found out that Mr K is terminally ill and He wishes to entrust his daughter with WOF.
This was just one of the lives WOF has been able to give hope to.