Orphan Sponsorship Costs Update

WOF is committed to the care and personal development of orphans in Cambodia and around the World. It is our promise and guarantee to ensure 100% of all sponsorship reaches our orphans directly. It is through our commitment to orphans that we have developed trusted relationships and alliances with local communities. Our established and trusted reputation is built on the platform of a caring and empathetic humanitarian aid organisation with professional management.

As a result of the recent drop of the Australian Dollar against the US, our local (Cambodia*) costs have increased. This has resulted in a 30% spike in outlays to continue delivering the same life-changing services to orphans from our position 6 months ago. Due to the uncontrollable volatility of currency markets, we have been forced to raise our orphan sponsorship cost from $35 to $45 per month.

We are always researching new methods for process improvement and cost minimisation to continue operating on our policy of self sustainable humanitarian aid. Keep checking back to see our innovative projects and how they are changing the lives of thousands.

*The US Dollar is the primary currency in Cambodia. For more information on the exchange rate of the AUD against the USD, please see below: