Orphan Update Report: Asiyah Khadir

Meet Asiyah.

Asiyah is a seven-year-old girl who loves to eat chicken, drink coconut juice and thoroughly enjoys riding her bike around the village.

Unfortunately, at the tender age of five, Asiyah lost her father to a severe heart attack; leaving her to become an orphan,

After the devastating death of Asiyah’s father, her mother was left to become the sole breadwinner for the family, to provide them with the essentials to survive.

Currently Asiyah attends school and in her free time, she works with her mum in the farming field, to help her make ends meet.

We asked Asiyah “What’s one nice thing you have done for someone?”

 “Work hard to get good grades at school, so I can become a teacher, and make my family proud…”

Asiyah dreams of becoming a teacher to make her mum proud. Her community proud and you proud. So, let us help Asiyah achieve her dreams today, together!

With just $1.50 a day, you can change her life.