Food Packs 2014 Successfully Completed

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Over the previous 10 days the World Orphan Fund field team made up of volunteers travelled to Cambodia to assist in the delivery of food aid on behalf of Australian and International donors.The apparently luscious green vegetation and landscape would make you think that the poor villagers lived off the land quite comfortably. There is nothing more deceiving and as we constantly remarked: these are people the rest of the World forgot.We need to remind ourselves of such people; those genuinely in need of life’s necessities. Indeed, as fellow humans, we owe our brothers in humanity the assistance and Humanitarian care they deserve.

We have it so well in Australia, and we encourage you to give in whichever way or form.

The donors of Australia had entrusted World Orphan Fund to deliver food aid to the needy. I am proud to say we delivered the 1000 packs we were entrusted in delivering and our mission was a success.

Nothing is possible without the donors, and all the volunteers who made this whole project possible. We thank you our sponsors for this life changing experience and ask that God blesses you with endless sustenance.

We would be more than happy to volunteer for the next round and move 1000 tons if it were available next time.

– World Orphan Fund Team