Ly – A Disabled Orphan

World Orphan Fund is always on the lookout for legitimate orphans requiring support and is known for going to places where others may be hesitant. It was on one of these trips we encountered a beautiful little orphan girl, born with Down Syndrome. A message from our president on the meeting:

My first encounter with an Orphaned child who has Down’s Syndrome. Her name is Ly, She has the most beautiful character I have seen so far in Cambodia. Full of life, honest and innocent. She called me DAD and I got the biggest hug from her when she seen me. I got told also in Cham ( her native language ) that she loves my beard.

Just posting some pics of out first but not last encounter. World Orphan Fund Inc really has come a long way, our work is not a job, it’s what we love to do everyday as professional volunteers. I love giving back to the needy, in fact I feel as we need to be reminded of the reality of this world more often.