Providing the Best Dental Care for Orphans to Help Stop the Epidemical Spread of HIV and Hepatitis

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At World Orphan Fund we strive to treat our orphans like our own children.

We pay for our orphans what we would pay for ourselves. The importance of healthy teeth is truly underestimated in poverty stricken countries. Apart from a poor diet and lack of education, the villages in which our kids come from limits their access to proper dental healthcare. HIV, as well as partial facial paralysation has been a growing problem in developing countries which we will not tolerate for our kids.

Hepatitis B (HBV) is a known virus that is also an issue when it comes to dental infection control. In 2001, a Journal of Infectious disease reported a known case of transmission to a state health department. An area of contaminated blood had been left after ineffective cleanup procedures, transferring acute hepatitis B to the next patient. This is only one reported case of the hundreds of cases that go unreported every year, mostly in underprivileged areas.


This is why we take them to Pachem, Cambodia’s best dental clinic for their biannual dental visits, who have become our professional partners via a formal agreement to service all of our children.

Big thanks to Pachem for helping us achieve our responsibility to our kids in the Cambodian community. Their relief after the dental visits were over was truly heartwarming. Our orphans only deserve to be treated like our own.

Pachem Dental Clinic issued a Certificate of Appreciation to World Orphan Fund Cambodia on the 25th of Febuary, 2016;

“We would like to thank World Orphan Fund Cambodia and World Orphan Fund for their efforts to reduce the spread of HIV and Hepatitis in rural communities in Cambodia.
We acknowledge the tremendous efforts made by World Orphan Fund Cambodia to provide the best Dental Health Care for disadvantaged children and the dedication to continue the care for our Cambodian people.”

– MS Keuk Nary
Chief Executive Officer
Pachem Dental Clinic